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Raymond Bautista
Age 10 - Cancer Survivor - (Neuroblastoma stage 4).
The writings below are Raymond's. More can be read on his Website at :
Is American morality on life support yet?
Written by Raymond 2/05/2003

Is morality dead in American courts?

  The 10 commandments have been removed, They want Under God removed from our pledge. Christian traditions are under attack. Our flag is under assault. Babies are murdered at will, animal rights are displacing jobs, construction projects, and private property rights. Now traditional marriage is under assault. When will it end, will America survive? There are so many immoral acts going on. Some are even called entertainment. Why is the left joining are enemies in the pursuit of the destruction of American values? If We the people fail to act America will begin to stumble. 

  The answer is in our faith, we must be able to show our faith, not hide it. Do you make the sign of the cross in a public restaurant before you eat, or say a prayer. I have no answers. I am only 10 I cant fix America or side swipe the evil in America, I depend on our leaders. But they are failing, they are making it harder for the soldier and citizens to preserve our freedom, our freedoms were granted by God, America stands as a protector. But who stands as America's protector? That is the job of the courts, why are they ignoring their job. Our soldiers are not, they go in harms way because it is their duty.

Raymond Bautista
"Please call 1-800-marrow-2 many of us need your help." 
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America, will we survive? 
written by Raymond 2/2/2003

  The last few years have been hard for America. America's freedoms have been under assault from outside and from within. In less than 200 years America became the leader of the world, and the best nation in the history of mankind. No other Nation would drop bombs and yet help the enemy's civilian population by dropping food packs. Some say we waste money on space travel. I think not exploring would be a waste. In February 2001 America lost an Icon, Dale Earnhardt. Dale was hard on the track but gentle in life. He gave a lot to those in need and brought a lot of joy to many. Later in 2001 on 9-11 we were hit with the terrorist attacks. They were horrible and directed at civilians. 

  Those attacks united America, but the war on terror has polarized America. Some in America blame America, saying it is because America has meddled to long in the middle east I do not think that one bit, nor do I say America deserved it. We are still at war with them and will be for years to come. Now with the loss of Columbia we face another hardship. If I get the chance to go to space in the future I would go. If I was told I might die going, I still would go. But take a look around you when you are out and about. You still can go anywhere and do almost anything. The stores are still stocked full of food, clothes, and entertainment items. America is still pumping out new cars. We are still pushing foreword. America will survive, and not because we are big and bad, but because we are free.

  God Bless our heroes that have moved on, God bless the common folks that are the backbone of the nation. God bless our defenders, and God Bless America. We will survive.

Politicians and the Soldiers.
Written by Raymond 4/1/2003

 It's seems it is always the soldiers that are out there fixing the mess the politicians made in Iraq A job left unfinished. But I hope this time they let them finish it. France, Germany, and Russia allowed banned equipment and parts to get back into Iraq, and it was France, Germany, China and Russia that supplied Iraq with the capability to weaponize the bio/chem material that America gave Iraq, which is the same things any chem/bio research lab in any university could have purchased too. Iraq simply took that stuff and weaponized it. So many in the print media have made it sound like America gave Iraq its military strength, this is false, Iraq's weapons come from France, Russia, China. But America did sell Iraq a lot of land mines. Iran had more weapons from the United States than Iraq ever got. The mess left in Korea, what went wrong there, was it Truman, or did General McCarthur turn into a politician and ended up pushing to far, provoking China. No matter the answer, this is another mess I fear one day our soldiers will have to clean up. Who knows, when this powder keg will blow, I hope this one, the politicians will clean it up before the shooting starts again. Have the politicians learned anything yet?
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